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by Headless Relatives

Shake off your arrows snap your spears Cut new canyons with my tears Recite the litany of my sorrows My yesterdays drown out my tomorrows My memory is older than I am I remember dawns that I've never seen We all enter this world filthy No one exits it clean Shake the ground with my footsteps and you run from the tremors But you can't run forever Blow the trumpet of war to signal the start of the dance And to give you a sporting chance Past generations cry out for blood I cannot forget The sins sewn by your fathers You will reap before the sun sets
Kodiak 03:08
Sitting here awake Grown to monstrous size Driven to desperation And unwilling to compromise You claim a right to this mountain You build shelters from the snow But I will tear your walls asunder When the North wind blows Unsleeping Half blind Pelt the color of rust And blood on my mind Once I lived a normal life Slept soundly through the Winter nights But the wound you dealt me It set my brain alight Now I sit here in my den Starting out through the blinding snow Once I might have made peace with your presence But now you have to go Head throbbing Behind my dead eye I sharpen my claws Blood on my mind
Perk up your ears Strike a pose Catch the scent Follow your nose Into the fields where no one else dares to go Amongst the relics Of past strife You move boldly Larger than life Cutting through the tall grass like a knife They hang a medal around your neck It's only fitting that they show their respect Point out the danger One more time One more success One more mine That someone you've never met once left behind Keep at your work As your fur grays Count up your victories Count down the days Until you retire to bask in well-earned praise
Once I bore you into battle You rode high in the saddle Once your foes knelt before us Now we've joined the infernal chorus Brought low by your betrayal As if your fate could be derailed I'm naught but bones when you return Now I know you'll never learn You kick my skull and out he slithers The fatal bite he delivers I watch you writhing on the ground Your mouth moves but makes no sound Your loyal friends they watch you die Empty eyes toward the sky None can save you from your fate But they express their grief and hate Take up the serpent death's humble pawn Crush its skull all players gone When you take your final breath We complete the threefold death
I make my solitary rounds Keep my nose to the ground And when it's time to rest Scratch out a rudimentary nest I'm not interested in fighting I can barely move my jaw But if you back me into a corner Prepare to meet my claws I've been alone most of my days Personal connections tend toward decay Maybe I just haven't put in the effort Maybe I can't see past my own hurt I dig holes to reach the water That can't make its way to the surface Maybe you'll find one when you're in need Maybe that's my only purpose


Apparently theming albums has become just become part of my process. I was already working on recording Apothecary when I realized I had written a couple of songs related to animals, and I got the idea to create Bestiary as a companion release. Where Apothecary leans heavily into the folk side of the “weird folk” label that I’ve given my music, Bestiary definitely wades a bit more into the weird side.

Lyrically, these songs also have a more defiant edge (three of the five songs concern revenge). Working by myself can be limiting (I’m not the best musician or producer), but I’ve tried to find ways to expand my sound and explore new avenues with my songwriting and production. Hopefully that comes through and these songs are as fun to listen to as they were to work on.


released October 22, 2021

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Seth Biskind

Cover photography and design by Seth Biskind




Headless Relatives Troy, New York

Headless Relatives play songs. These songs feature desperate individuals, bittersweet memories, and ancient Egyptian gods. Some of these songs can be found here.

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